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Manscaping & Microblading March

Male Brazilian: 15% off

Microblading fill:
Free for a new service booked within 8 weeks

Product highlight

Salve for Cracked Skin

Gehwol Med Salve is our bestseller when it comes to tough, cracked skin on the feet. we know summer weather is on its way and therefore, sandals! If you’re worried about what the dry winter has done to your feet, we recommend this!

The salve is based on a well-tried mixture of special soaps and selected skin friendly oils. It is used best for severe hard skin, dry or rough skin, or very cracked skin. Helps protect against inflammation and symptoms linked with cracked skin. By regular use the skin will regain its natural elasticity. This is also suitable for use by diabetics.

Meet our Staff Highlight

Kirsten Oliver

Services Offered:
Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing (except Male Brazilians), Lash Lift/Perms, Tinting, Facials

Kirsten’s Pro Tip:
“My favourite exfoliant is Daily Microfoliant. I like to sprinkle it in my cleanser when I’m short for time, and when I’m relaxing, I like to use it as a masque.”

Kirsten is an aesthetician who has been with Oasis Wellness since 2018. She’s our resident nerd and animal lover. She likes her video games, escape rooms, Dungeons & Dragons as well as her 2 cats Milk and Marblo. She also recently got married and added her dog Smokey to the family.


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Immersive Relaxation Facial


90 full minutes of bliss

To start this facial, we will begin by cleaning your feet with warm towels infused with essential oils. You will then get a foot and leg massage to help you to begin to relax. Then we will cleanse your face and décolleté followed by a gentle exfoliation with pressure point massage. We will then introduce more aromatherapy with a facial steam while you have a hand and arm massage. You will have a Jelly Mask of your choice applied to your face and a scalp massage for part of the time this takes to set, we will then allow you some private time to do deep breaths, meditate, or simply fall asleep. You will then be gently woken up with a roller massage over your face. After removing the face mask, we will tone, apply serum, eye cream and moisturize your skin.

During your facial, you will have the option of weighted blanket as well as a heated shiatsu/vibration massage mat.

Introducing our new team member


Services Offered:
Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage

We want to give a very warm welcome to our new massage therapist!

She’s currently available to book on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


20% OFF

Daily Microfoliant

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